Use of Meftal Spas For Stomach Pain

A lot of people have asked us, can we use Meftal Spas For Stomach Pain? It is very important to know the proper use of any medicine before taking it and if you are not sure, can you use Meftal Spas Tablet for stomach pain then stick till the end of this post to know the 100% secure use of it.

Meftal Spas For Stomach Pain.

Stomach Pain is a type of pain that occurs between the chest and the groin & can happen anytime. These kinds of pain are very dangerous, so be careful.

Everybody in life goes through the stomach pain, eating the wrong food or getting cold can make the stomach uncomfortable.

This is also because stomach pains are common that many people don't take it seriously, so they thought it would be better to drink some hot water, take some painkillers and then take a rest, but in truth, some cases of stomach pain are very dangerous.

Can We Use Meftal Spas For Stomach Pain?

The wrong use of the medicine can be very harmful to you, taking the wrong medication, the wrong dosage can have dangerous side effects, including permanent disability or death.

Meftal Spas is a pain killer Tablet that is used to reduce menstrual pain, stomach pain, fever, muscle aches, and excessive blood flow during periods. It is not a cure for the problem but only provides temporary relief.

This Tablet is a mixture of two active ingredients such as Dicyclomine Hydrochloride IP 10 mg and Mefenamic Acid IP 250 mg and produced by Blue Cross Labs.

It is available to buy from many retail outlets in Tablets, capsules, oral liquid, oral liquid sachets, suppository, and injection.

Before taking Meftal Spas Tablet make sure it is the right treatment for you, speak with a doctor or pharmacist before you start taking it.

How To Take Meftal Spas Tablet.

You can take this medicine with food or without eating food. It is better to take this medicine exactly as the doctor has prescribed you. You will see the improvement within 2 hours after taking the medicine. Do not stop using this medicine until told by the doctor.

Do not worry if you feel sleepy with this medicine and the effect of Meftal Spas tablet lasts for an average duration of 4-6 hours.

List Of Meftal Spas Tablet Uses.

Meftal Spas Tablet is Commonly used to treat the following symptoms and conditions listed below:

  1. Reducing pain during periods.
  2. Heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  3. Muscle aches/spasms.
  4. Pain in stomach
  5. Fever.
  6. Pain after surgery
  7. Joint pain
  8. Migraine.
  9. Swelling & Inflammation.
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